When: 2022-08-24T15:00:00.000Z

Duration: 31 minutes


Digital advertising is constantly evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of users who are demanding new ways to experience their favorite brands and products. Advertisers are having to get creative as people are becoming more sophisticated in the ways they discover and interact with content. And with the deprecation of third-party cookies and the new privacy landscape, advertisers need partnerships that offer robust artificial intelligence (AI) solutions powered by first-party data at scale to reach their audiences and drive meaningful connections.

Meet the Microsoft Audience Network. Reach a massive audience in IAS-certified brand-safe properties and drive highly personalized engagements to achieve your marketing goals and maximize performance.

In this webcast we’ll cover:

• The benefits of the Microsoft Audience Network
• The latest updates to the Microsoft Audience Network
• A conversation with moebel.de to learn how they leveraged the Microsoft Audience Network to achieve their marketing goals

We’ll also be available during the live broadcast to answer your questions.

Presented by


Stein Broeder

Senior Marketing Communications Manager

Microsoft Advertising


Liam Mackessy

Product Marketing Manager

Microsoft Advertising


Daniel Schellmann

Account Executive

Microsoft Advertising


Joris Wigger

Head of Performance Marketing