When: 2021-05-06T17:00:00.000Z

Duration: 61 minutes


Learn strategies to drive successful audience marketing campaigns powered by Microsoft audience intelligence and artificial intelligence (AI), with image and feed-based ads.

As we cover how to maximize your digital marketing through the Microsoft Audience Network, you will also learn how to set-up your campaigns to reach hundreds of millions of people through brand-safe environments or placements on premium sites including MSN, Outlook.com, Microsoft Edge and other partners. We will also delve into optimization strategies to uncover insights, maximize delivery, and adjust targeting, bids and ad copy for optimal performance. We will be joined by product experts ready to answer questions, walk you through best practices and more. 

BONUS: We will share sneak peek into what’s on the horizon of our product features.

Join to learn how to: 

  1. Set up campaigns for success 
  2. Apply optimization strategies to maximize delivery and performance 
  3. Explore new and exciting features 

Knowledge level: 

  • Intermediate

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This event is part of the Microsoft Advertising Virtual Bootcamp Series taking place from May to June 2021.

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Rachel Rogowin

Learning and Development Expert

Microsoft Advertising