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Thousands of individuals across the globe have completed the exam to become a Certified Professional. Click through the Membership Directory to learn details about location, language, verticals, and membership status of individual members and the companies they represent.

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Member name Member since Company name Locations Languages
Simon Aguera 01/31/20 Eden France English, French
Michelle Aguiar 10/07/20 EveryMundo United States - Florida English
Alex Aguilar 03/10/20 Forward PMX United States - California English
Humberto Aguilar 12/20/19 Mercatink Mexico English
Julian Aguilar 03/28/19 Rise Interactive Argentina English
Omar Aguirre 02/06/20 omar aguirre United States - Washington English
Priscila Aguirre 06/22/20 MediaSmack United States - Texas English
Rahmat Agung Julians 05/28/20 MichZo Indonesia English
Ayaz Ahamad 06/15/20 Bananas Hindu University India English
Bilal Ahamed 06/09/20 aryabhatta college of engineering and research center India English
fayaz ahamed 06/09/20 Nttf college India English
Shifaz Ahamed 08/15/20 Hi Life Digital Australia English
Md jony Ahammad 06/10/20 mdjonyahammad India English
Azeem Ahammed 04/30/20 Update News India English
Utkarsha Aher 06/11/20 Sanjivani College Of Engineering,Kopargaon India English

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